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2020 Summer Sand Travel Teams for Juniors Volleyball Players

Want to continue to improve your indoor volleyball game over the summer but have fun outdoors?  Looking for a reason to travel with your friends and still be able to train?  Thinking college ball but not sure how the indoor game transitions to the outdoor game?  Want to simply learn about the outdoor game and have fun doing so? 

In 2019, Excell Storm Sports became the first club volleyball program in the Upstate to to offer Summer Sand Travel Teams for Juniors.

We welcome you to the Junior Summer Sand Travel Team page where we invite you read on to learn more about this program for the junior volleyball athlete.


For the past 5 years, Excell STORM Volleyball (Excell Sports, LLC) has run beach and grass tournaments up and down the East Coast (from Virginia Beach to Louisiana) with multiple stops in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island and to our East Coast hub - The Windjammer in Isle Of Palms, SC.  Not only have these past 5 years provided the foundation for new friendships, we have also been able to reconnect with adult sand players from our past ~ Sand/Beach players that we once trained with ~ and played with ~ on one of many Professional and Semi-Professional Volleyball Tours.  

As parents and lovers of beach/sand volleyball, we now have children of our own that have come to love the same sport.  Many of our friends are working to grow the beach/sand volleyball game in their local high schools.  Many are trying to grow the boy's side of the sport of volleyball.  Many of our friends are running weekend sand volleyball tournaments for the Junior age groups.  

When we evaluated the sand volleyball opportunities for the youth in our native town and Greenville, SC area, we identified a need: The need for a fun, different and challenging way to grow the player's volleyball skill level on a year round basis ~  in an outdoor atmosphere, all while combining current skill mastery with new training methods AND providing competitive tournament venues ...

In the summer of 2019, we introduced a new volleyball training concept to our area:  the launch of our Summer Sand Volleyball Training & Beach Travel Team program for Juniors.

This program is designed to elevate the player's indoor game and overall volleyball IQ by immersing them in the outdoor element of sand volleyball.  Players will learn how to better read their opponents, learn strategies for ball placement and court coverage, work on their endurance and overall volleyball game - all while receiving more individualized coaching (sand games consist of teams of two, not teams of 6+)  and traveling with their partner and Coach. Teams (of 2 players) will travel to beach/sand venues and compete with other Junior sand athletes. 

The Benefits of Sand Training

Sand Volleyball Training is unlike any other volleyball training.  Whether or not you or your child plans to play sand doubles, sand training will help refine a player's skills at a much greater pace.  Sand training helps to develop the overall volleyball athlete and not just the positional player.  Players will learn and understand all aspects of the game, therefore increasing their volleyball IQ of the game.  Sand Volleyball trained athletes should expect to refine their muscle memory and explosion as well as visual stimulation that occurs with reading both hitters and servers.  This translates to the player’s indoor game by quickening their reaction times and a better understanding of hitter’s placements for increased defensive positioning.  Additionally, Sand Volleyball Training helps with the player’s agility, footwork, increases their vertical jump and refines the athlete’s ball control.

What to expect with the beach volleyball travel team

  • Teams will be teams of two.  The travel team fee is based on a single player.  Each player will register as an individual but registration will ask for the name of your partner.  
  • Practices will be two hours a day for 2 days/week  for 11 weeks throughout the summer. 
  • Practices for 2020 Beach Teams will be announced soon. (There will be no practice the week of July 4th.)
  • Owner/Director, Shane LeCroy,  Coach Kim LaBoard and Coach Silas Jenkins will be doing the sand training practices to ready players for the tournaments.  
  • Coaches will travel to the tournament venues and coach players during their games. (Most tournaments do not allow for coaching during the game play, but players will be able to call time outs and coaches will direct play at that time. )  Off time will allow for coaches to help coach players.  
  • Players will compete in more local sand tournaments.  Tentative tournament schedule is posted below.
  • Families will be responsible for their travel to and from tournaments, but tournament entry fee is included in player fees. 

2020 Summer Sand Travel Team Tournaments

May 23, 2020:  Beach South in High Point, North Carolina

May 30, 2020:  Rally Rumble in Cartersville, Georgia

June 6 - 7, 2020:  First Coast Volleyball, Jacksonville Beach Pier, Jacksonville, Florida

June 27, 2020: AVP America Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

July 18, 2020:  Endless Summer, Rally Volleyball, Cartersville, Georgia

August 1, 2020:  NC Sands in Greensboro, North Carolina

Junior Beach Travel Team Fees

The fee for the 2020 Summer Beach Travel Teams will be posted soon. 

Junior Beach Travel Team fees include: 24 days of 2 hour/per day practice (48 hours of sand training), sand volleyball court rental fees, player gear, coaches pay for sand volleyball training, 6 tournament entry fees, coaches lodging and tournament coaching. 

Payments can be made in full with cash, check or credit card. Payment plan details will be posted soon. 

Practice Details

The practice schedule for the 2020 Junior Beach Travel Teams will be posted soon.

Registration for the 2020 Junior Summer Sand/Beach Travel Teams will open soon!

Summer Travel Teams will need to have both a USAV membership and an AVP America membership to compete in tournaments. Select this link to obtain AVP America membership.

Summer Sand Travel Team Partner Needed?

Summer sand/beach travel teams will play as doubles.  If you player is interested in being part of a two-person travel team and needs help finding a partner, please email us at the address below.  Additionally, if your player would like to be placed on the substitution list, please let us know by way of the same email below.  

Summer Sand Travel Email Junior Summer Partner Inquiry Email

Contact Email Address Below

Phone: 864-630-6221