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2020-2021 Club Volleyball Information

The Excell STORM Difference

There are many different volleyball clubs in our area for players to choose from.  We understand the importance, and challenges,  of selecting the correct club for your athlete's needs.  So, why consider Excell Sports?  

  • Excell Sports is locally owned and operated by Shane LeCroy and his dedicated and decorated staff.  Shane has over 23 years of successful coaching in volleyball as well as a background in playing competitively.  (For a full bio on Shane - and all of the other amazing Coaches - please see tab for Coaches).  
  • Our Coaching Staff are ALL college graduates.  We do not hire high school students or students currently in college (undergraduate level) to coach Club Volleyball, as we believe their focus (during the time of club volleyball season) needs to be on their own school success.  We do allow for college-level Coaches to coach with us over the summer months.
  • We aim to keep teams to no more than10 players.  We understand the financial commitment required for club volleyball and feel that those paying club fees should all have playing time.  
  • We hold practices in multiple facilities in an effort to allow players to practice near their homes/schools. 
  • We purposefully remain a smaller club so that the Directors/Staff/Coaches get to know all of the players and their families on a more personal level.  
  • We believe in not only helping athletes grow their skills, but strive to help them grow in character both on and off the courts. 

The Excell Sports Philosophy

Club.  Character.  Competition.


Excell Sports strives to provide the greatest club experience for the individualized athlete.  Our club training is group centered, yet focused on helping the individual athlete reach their fullest potential and goals through positive coaching, exposure to tough competition and fundamental training.


The Excell Staff believes in motivating and driving athletes to be their best by helping build the complete athlete.  For the Excell Sports staff, this means we build and teach practices around the essential and vital core of the sport –the fundamentals.  The Excell staff places great importance on the fundamentals as they are the essential components that make up the working system of the sport.

Both on and off the court and field, The Excell Staff works to help coach athletes to be balanced, respectful and successful – keeping all aspects of relationships, school, sports and life balanced.


Excell aims to celebrate the love of competition by providing an atmosphere for our clubs practices, leagues, and tournaments where we can be spirited, yet play against some of the top-rival competitors  - all while keeping our character in place.  The Excell Staff understands competition…welcomes it…challenges it…and uses it… to make our players the best that they can be.


It’s what we’re all about.


TRYOUT DETAILS & Info about USAV Membership FOR 2020 - 2021

Although this season brings about a bit of uncertainity and changes within the Region processes, we are hopeful to provide a sort of roadmap with how to navigate the tryouts for the upcoming 2020 - 2021 Club Volleyball Season.  The steps below should help those new to club volleyball and/or those returning for the current season.  A quick note:

USA Volleyball and the Palmetto Region are using a new Registration Program through Sports Engine that will allow you to renew or establish your USAV Membership (required for tryouts).  Because these changes are new and for our entire Region, we ask that you please take the time to watch the 3 minute video clip below to learn more about the FIRST STEP in getting you player ready for registering for tryouts.  Additionally, please see the player age requirement illustration at the bottom of this page as age requirements are different for the 2020 - 2021 club season. 

How to Create a Parent Account in order to get your player's USAV Membership

The Region requirements for tryouts have changed with regard to obtaining your player's USAV Membership. Please watch this 3 minute video on how to create a Sport Engine account so that you can obtain your player's USAV Membeship (required for tryouts).


All Juniors will be required to have a USAV $15 Tryout Membership for the 2020 - 2021 season in lieu of the $50 USAV Membership as required in the past. (The $50 will be the total you pay but you will only need the $15 TRYOUT membership for tryouts.) You will upgrade to the full membership and pay the remaining $35 fee AFTER you commit to a club. Once you accept a club's invitation, you will be emailed a link to upgrade to the full membership and pay the remaining $35.  

Again, you MUST have the $15 Tryout Membership to participate in any tryout in the Region.)  This fee is separate from the actual TRYOUT FEE that the clubs will charge.  

Getting Ready for Tryouts in 4 Easy Steps ...

1.  Watch video clip above on "Creating the Parent Account in Order to Obtain Your Player's USAV Membership"  (it is 3 minutes).

2.  Create a FREE Sports Engine account.  Please note:  The primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian. (Note: For those that already have a SportsEngine account through another organization, you can use the same account to register with USAV/Palmetto Region).  

3.  Visit the Sport Engine website at to create or log in to your account and to purchase your $15 USAV Memebrship for Tryouts.  (Direct Link is below.)  This fee is not the club's tryout fees.  These fees are the USAV/Palmetto Region fees.  You will pay your actual tryout fee to the clubs that you are trying out with.  Excell Sports Club Volleyball Tryout Fee is $45. The direct link for the tryout fee is below as well as tryout dates and additional details AS IS THE USAV MEDICAL RELEASE FORM.  You will need to bring this to your tryouts with you.  

4. Complete the "Multi-Club Tryout Disclosure" Link (below) if your player plans to participate in tryouts for more than one club.


Please use these helpful links below for immediate access to:

  1. The "Multi-Club Tryout Disclosure" form (required if your player is participating in tryouts with multiple clubs)
  2. The link to Register or Log In to your Sport Engine account to update, renew or purchase new USAV Membership 
  3. The document link for the USAV Medical Release form (hard copy required to present in person for ALL club tryouts)
  4. The direct link to register for tryouts with Excell Sports 

Multi-Club Tryout Link

Please use this link to complete the Mult-Club Tryout Disclosure Form.

Direct Link to Register or Log In to Sport Engine

Please use this link to create a new Sport Engine account or to log into your existing account. YOU CAN REGISTER FOR THE JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS ON SEPTEMBER 15, 2020.

Registration Link for the 2020 - 2021 Club Volleyball Tryouts with Excell Sports

Please use this link to register for the upcoming club volleball tryouts with Excell Sports. The USAV Medical Release Form (link above) can be uploaded during the registraion process. Please print and be ready to upload while registering for tryouts with Excell Sports.

2020 - 2021 Excell Storm Club Volleyball Tryout Dates

Each year, there are mutiple volleyball clubs holding tryouts during the same window of time.  We work hard to select our tryout schedule dates so that players have flexibility to be seen by multiple clubs.  This year, the open window for club volleyball tryouts runs through playoffs and State Championship games.  With many of our Coaches coching playoff bound teams, we have seleted the weekends as tryout dates.  Times will be posted on Monday, when the link to register for Excell Sports club volleyball tryouts goes live.  For now, mark your calendars with the tryout dates below.

 If you have questions about what age group your player should tryout for, please see the illustration at the bottom of this webpage that provides age clarification.  Please note that the USAV Age Definitions changed for the 2020 - 2021 season.  Once your player is registered for tryouts with Excell, you will receive a courtesy email with updates, changes and important details.  

  • 12'a & 13's  Tryout Information

When:  October 24th (Saturday) and October 25th (Sunday) AND October 31st (Saturday)  - We hope to be able to evaluate your player 2 of the 3 days.  

Where:  Imagine Sports & Fitness (635 Haywood Road, Greenville 29607)

Times:  12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Saturday, 10/24) and 2:30 PM- 4:30 PM (Sunday, 10/25) and 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Saturday, 10/31)

  • 14's  Tryout Information

When:  October 24th (Saturday) and October 25th (Sunday) AND October 31st (Saturday) - We hope to be able to evaluate your player 2 of the 3 days.  

Where:  Imagine Sports & Fitness (635 Haywood Road, Greenville 29607)

Times:  2:30 PM - 4:30 (Saturday, 10/24) and 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM (Sunday, 10/25) and 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM (Saturday, 10/31)

  • 15's - 16's  Tryout Information:

When:  November 7th (Saturday) and November 8th (Sunday) AND November 14th (Saturday) - We hope to be able to evaluate your player 2 of the 3 days. 

Where:  Imagine Sports & Fitness (635 Haywood Road, Greenville 29607)

Time:  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  • 17's - 18's  Tryout Information:

When:  November 7th (Saturday) and November 8th (Sunday) AND November 14th (Saturday) - We hope to be able to evaluate your player 2 of the 3 days. 

Where:  Imagine Sports & Fitness (635 Haywood Road, Greenville 29607)

Time:  2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

2020 - 2021 Club Teams

Please use the link below to access the team levels, descriptions and pricing for the upcoming 2021 club season.  

2021 Club Volleyball Teams and Descriptions

Please use this link to access the addtional team details for the upcoming club season.

2021 Club Volleyball Tounaments

Please use the link below to access the 2021 Club Volleyball Tournament information for both the Select and Premier Travel Teams. 

Club Volleyball Tournament List

Please use this link to access the tournament details for the upcomning 2020 - 2021 Club Volleyball season.

Team Signing Day

We allow players the opportunity to be fitted for their individual gear/uniform packages at Team Signing evening.  We do not ask that players be fitted for their uniforms at tryouts, because we feel the focus of tryouts should be to properly evaluate the player's skill level.   Uniform sizing is done after positions have been accepted and the teams come together to have team signing and team pictures.

Team Signing evening will be announced after teams are formed.

USAV Junior Player Age Definition for 2020 - 2021

Please use the guide below to assist you in determining which division your child will need to register for when registering for club volleyball tryouts for 2020 - 2021.

USAV Junior Player Age Definition for 2020 - 2021 Season


FOR EXCELL SPORTS Tryout Questions and Information

Stephanie LeCroy

Phone: (864) 630 - 6221


Please use this link to be routed to the Palmetto Region website where you can find additional information to assist you in the 2020 - 2021 club season.