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The Excell STORM Difference

There are many different volleyball clubs in our area for players to choose from.  We understand the importance, and challenges,  of selecting the correct club for your athlete's needs.  So, why consider Excell Sports?  

  • Excell Sports is locally owned and operated by Shane LeCroy and his dedicated and decorated staff.  Shane has over 20 years of successful coaching in volleyball as well as a background in playing competitively.  (For a full bio on Shane - and all of the other amazing Coaches - please see tab for Coaches).  
  • Our Coaching Staff are ALL college graduates.  We do not hire high school students or students currently in college (undergraduate level) to coach Club Volleyball, as we believe their focus (during the time of club volleyball season) needs to be on their own school success.  We do allow for college-level Coaches to coach with us over the summer months.
  • We aim to keep teams to 10 players.  We understand the financial commitment required for club volleyball and feel that those paying club fees should all have playing time.  
  • We hold practices in multiple facilities in an effort to allow players to practice near their homes/schools.  For the 2018 - 2019 club season, we will use Greenville High School and Bridgeway Christian Academy in Greenville, SC. 
  • We purposefully remain a smaller club so that the Directors/Staff/Coaches get to know all of the players and their families on a more personal level.  
  • We believe in not only helping athletes grow their skills, but strive to help them grow in character both on and off the courts. 

The Excell Sports Philosophy

Club.  Character.  Competition.


Excell Sports strives to provide the greatest club experience for the individualized athlete.  Our club training is group centered, yet focused on helping the individual athlete reach their fullest potential and goals through positive coaching, exposure to tough competition and fundamental training.


The Excell Staff believes in motivating and driving athletes to be their best by helping build the complete athlete.  For the Excell Sports staff, this means we build and teach practices around the essential and vital core of the sport –the fundamentals.  The Excell staff places great importance on the fundamentals as they are the essential components that make up the working system of the sport.

Both on and off the court and field, The Excell Staff works to help coach athletes to be balanced, respectful and successful – keeping all aspects of relationships, school, sports and life balanced.


Excell aims to celebrate the love of competition by providing an atmosphere for our clubs practices, leagues, and tournaments where we can be spirited, yet play against some of the top-rival competitors  - all while keeping our character in place.  The Excell Staff understands competition…welcomes it…challenges it…and uses it… to make our players the best that they can be.


It’s what we’re all about.


2018 - 2019 Club Volleyball Tryout Dates

Excell Sports understands that there are multiple volleyball clubs holding tryouts during the same window of time.  We work hard to select our tryout schedule dates so that players have flexibility to be seen by multiple clubs.  The dates below are divided by ages. If your player can not attend tryouts or the make-up dates, please contact us to make alternate arrangements for player evaluation. If you have questions about what age group your player should tryout for, please see the illustration at the bottom of this webpage that provides age clarification.  

The following dates and locations are tentative, based on working around most other club's tryout dates and times.  Please make sure to check back for any modifications.  Once registered for our tryouts, you will receive a courtesy email if there are any changes to the tryout schedule. 

  • 14/Under Tryout Information:

When:   Monday, October 22rd and Wednesday, October 24th 

Where:  Greenville High School Gymnasium (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC)

Time:  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Make-Up Tryouts are Friday, October 26th from 6:00 - 8:00  at Greenville High School (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC).

  • 15/16's Tryout Information:

When:  Sunday,  November 4th and Monday, November 5th

Where:  Greenville High School Gymnasium (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC)

Time:  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Make-Up Tryouts are Tuesday, November 6th from 6:00 - 8:00  at Greenville High School (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC).  

  • 17/18's Tryout Information:

When:  Sunday,  November 4th and Monday, November 5th

Where:  Greenville High School Gymnasium (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC)

Time:  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Make-Up Tryouts are Tuesday, November 6th from 6:00 - 8:00 at Greenville High School (1 Vardry Street, Greenville, SC)  

Team Signing Day

layers will have the opportunity to be fitted for their individual gear/uniform packages at Team Signing evening.  We do not ask that players be fitted for their uniforms at tryouts, because we feel the focus of tryouts should be to properly evaluate the player's skill level.   Uniform sizing is done after positions have been accepted and the teams come together to have team signing and team pictures.

Team Signing is November 15, 2018.  Teams will come in waves ~ exact team times have been emailed.

2018 - 2019 Club Volleyball Tryout Link

Is your athlete planning on trying out with Excell Sports for the 2018 - 2019 club volleyball season?   Please make sure to read over the USAV Age Definitions for the 2018 - 2019 Club Volleyball season and to obtain (or renew) your 2018 - 2019 USAV membership. 

2018 - 2019 USAV Membership Information

Parent/Guardians must register their Junior's Membership and pay, not the Club Directors or Coaches.  

Players and Coaches MUST REGISTER and PAY before participating in any club event - INCLUDING TRYOUTS and PRACTICE.

Once registered and paid, members will print their active membership card and take with them to all tryouts.  Select the link below to be routed to the more detailed page of our website that will help you choose the correct option: player renewal or new player membership.  You will also find additional information on the Palmetto Region's 'Rules & Regulations' for trying out with multiple volleyball clubs.


Please use this link to route to our 2018 - 2019 Club Volleyball Page where additional information can be found on what is needed for club tryouts, the USAV Medical Release form as well as links to either RENEW or obtain a NEW USAV membership, and to register for 2018 - 2019 Club Volleyball Tryouts with Excell STORM Sports.

2018 - 2019 Player Age Definitions

Please use the chart below to assist you in determining which age group to try out for during the 2018 - 2019 club season. 

Teams and Levels for Indoor Volleyball with Excell Sports

Teams and Levels will be organized and based on the information below as well as by the skill and talent from the players that the 2017- 2018 club tryout season brings.

~ Excell STORM Boys Volleyball Team

Excell Sports is entering our second year offering boys the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball, grow their current skill sets, and participate in both club play as well as outdoor play.  Excell Sports is looking to grow the boys side of volleyball by giving them a place to play both indoors and outdoors.  

If you have a male athlete interested in playing volleyball, please contact us for additional details as well as for information on the 2018 -2019  Boy's Club Volleyball Tryout opportunities. 

Additional Information on Boys Storm Team

Please use this link to learn more about the Boy's Storm Team with Excell Sports.

~ Excell STORM In-House Teams

The In-House teams are teams that practice once a week but without a travel schedule. The In-House teams are for the players who want to continue to get better at volleyball but do not have the time to commit to a travel schedule. These teams will scrimmage against our other teams as well as scrimmages against other local teams. 

Link for In-House Volleyball Team

Please use this link to learn more about the In-House Team.

~ Excell STORM PALMETTO STATE Volleyball Teams

Palmetto State Level Teams : For the player new to club and travel team volleyball.

The PALMETTO STATE programs are designed to teach new players (ages 12-Under) the fundamentals and skills needed to play volleyball. These programs are great starter programs for young players that are involved in multi-sports and do not want to commit to any one sport. This program was designed to teach the basics of the game (rules, rotations, footwork, etc) as well as to ensure proper skill training for the players. This program also offers 5 local tournaments so the player can refine the skills needed in a game scenario of competition. The Palmetto State teams practices one day a week (including tournament weeks) for two hours.

Link for additional Information on Palmetto State Teams

Please use this link to learn more about the Palmetto State Volleyball Teams with Excell Sports.

~ Excell STORM SELECT Level Volleyball Teams

Select Level Teams:  For the multi-sport athlete as well as for players who have an interest in playing club ball, but worry about time commitment and travel schedule. These are players that want to continue building on their skills but can not commit to a more rigorous practice and travel schedule.

The SELECT LEVEL programs are designed for the players who display a sound understanding and knowledge of the game. These programs refine the fundamentals of the volleyball game and focus more on strategic game play, game scenarios and situational encounters. The Select Teams will aim to have 10 players on a team, will practice 2 days a week and will have a competitive travel schedule. The travel schedule remains regional with players attending 7 tournaments. 

Additional Information on Select Teams

Please use this link to learn more about the Select Volleyball Teams with Excell Sports.

~ Excell STORM PREMIER Volleyball Teams

Premier Level:
This is our most advanced program with a 3 day practice schedule and a National Tournament Schedule. This level is for the player that has a deep desire to play on a college level and an excellence for the game. 

The Excell STORM PREMIER programs are designed to be highly competitive programs that compete for National Bids. The majority of the tournaments that the PREMIER team will attend are college recruiting tournaments where athletes can be seen by Coaches from top college programs.  The PREMIER teams will attend 7 multi-day tournaments (3 of these are 3 day tournaments), playing against other top National programs.  The PREMIER teams practice 3 days a week.  The PREMIER teams will aim to have 10 players/team and will have the expectations of going to Nationals as the end of season.

Link for additional Information on Premier Volleyball Teams

Please use this link to learn more about Premier Volleyball Teams with Excell Sports.

Sand and Grass Training for the Indoor Volleyball Athlete

Please visit our section of the website dedicated to sand and grass training for the indoor club athlete for more information.  

Information and Specifics on the Different Indoor Club Volleyball Programs

Want to know more about the programs Excell "STORM" Sports offers or have questions? Read full descriptions above or email us by way of the link below and an Indoor Team Director will be in touch with you.

Club Directors for Excell "STORM" Volleyball 2018 - 2019 Excell STORM Staff