Sunday, September 18:  Greenville, SC "Volleyball Players TEAMing up to take a DIG at Alzheimer's"

Excell Sports and the JL Mann Volleyball Team as well as the SC Chapter of the ALZ Association partner for this Charity  Volleyball Tournament Event!!!!

Men and Women's same sex Doubles and Coed 4's Fun Teams play on Sunday at Greenville Pavilion.  This tournament is to benefit the SC Chapter of Alzheimer's Association.  Proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association by way of the Walking to end Alzheimer's event in Greenville, SC on October 8, 2016.  



To understand why this cause is so important to us, read on and then visit our team page by selecting the link below. 

Link to Excell Sports Walk to End Alzheimer's Team Page: Excell STORMs Against Alzheimer's

For those of you that know us, you know that Shane and I care for and adore a woman of mighty strength. Her loyalty would wound the fiercest soldier. Her work ethic would account for ten solid men. Her love for animals could teach veterinarians a thing or two. Her unconditional and Christ centered heart could help teach most of the broken ones. This woman is one that models strength, and raised my husband. She was not his mother, but she raised him as her child...her own. Today, she struggles to recall the memories she's told many are her favorite. Today she struggles to recall her own name as she fights to remember her own self. Today she knows Shane's name, but not who he is. And then it dawns on her. Memories of a lifetime come flooding back and all is right with the world....for a brief moment. She....this woman of greatness that I owe gratitude to for raising the man I call husband and father to my babies, ....she still loves, and she still feels, and she...remembers....every once in awhile. Long enough for it to break our hearts into a zillion pieces...and then we put it all back together for the next time she knows us. This woman is great. She made an impact then. She's making an impact now. Let us not be the ones to become forgetful by forgetting that. Help those in need and make yourselves available to the many benefits of serving the Alzheimers Associations of your area. You never know who is taking care of the many that suffer from this illness...until you ask. We'd love your support as we donate proceeds from the September 18th Greenville Grass Volleyball Tournament to the Walk to End ALZ on October 8th. To help us raise additional donations for this cause: Register for this tournament or become part of Volleyball Players TEAMing Up to take a DIG at Alzheimer's. #ExcellSTORMsAgainstAlzheimer's #endALZ #MannUpAgainstALZ

Storm Tournament Details:

Men's and Women's Same-Sex Doubles play on Sunday as well as Coed Fun 4's!! Proceeds from this event will be donated to the SC Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.  Cash payouts will be for Open, AA, A divisions.  

All pre-registered players will receive a GO. FIGHT. END.  #ExcellSTORMsAgainsAlzheimer's #endALZ t-shirt and a charity wristband.  We hope you will wear these shirts for the volleyball tournament as well as at the #endALZ walk in Greenville on October 8.  Remember, all team entry fees and proceeds not used to pay out division winners, go towards this foundation.  In addition, Little Caesars will be donating pizza, PET Dairy will be donating ice cream and 100% of your donations for this pizza and ice cream will also go towards the Excell Storm ALZ walk fund. We will have a representative from the SC Chapter of Alzheimer's Association there to answer your questions and offer information and brochures, should you have someone suffering from this disease.  

This Excell STORM tournament will be on Sunday with a later check-in time for those attending one of Saturday's two home college football games at Clemson and USC.  This Sunday STORM Grass Tournament pays:

  • Mens OPEN- 1st $500/ 2nd $200/3rd Merchandise Prizes (per team w/ 12+ teams)
  • Womens OPEN - 1st $500/ 2nd $200/3rd Merchandise Prizes (per team w/ 12+ teams)
  • AA - 1st $150/2nd Merchandise prizes from our amazing sponsors (with 10+ teams)
  • A - 1st $100/2nd Merchandise prizes (with 10+ teams)
  • B -  Merchandise prizes

Location for Sunday, September 18 Grass Tournament:

Pavilion:  400 Scottswood Road, Taylors, SC 29687

Costs (per team):

Cost for PRE-REGISTERED Open Divisions will be $75 (per team).  WALK-UP registration will be $90 (per team).  Online registrations will close the Friday before tournament at 6:00 pm. 

Cost for PRE-REGISTERED Mens, Womens (AA, A, BB, B) will be $50 (per team).  WALK-UP registrations will be $65 (per team).  Online registrations will close the Friday before tournament at 6:00 pm. 

Cost for PRE-REGISTERED Co-Ed (AA, A, BB, B) will be $50 (per team).  WALK-UP registrations will be $65 (per team).  Online registrations will close the Friday before tournament at 6:00 pm. 

Cost for Coed Fun 4's will be $100 for the team. (Entire team of 4 plays for $100.)

All proceeds not used for cash payouts, goes towards this cause.

Proceeds from the September 18th Greenville Grass Volleyball Tournament will be donated to the Walk to End Alzheimer's event on October 8th in Greenville,SC. To visit our Team Walk Page or join our fight, click on the image above.

Excell Sports Walk to End ALZ Video



**CHECK IN by 10:00 am


**First Serve at 11:00 am

Divisions Details:

Male and Female Same-Sex Doubles  as well as Coed Fun 4's will play on Sunday.  


Open - For the highest level players.

AA - For advanced players.

A - For skilled/intermediate players.

B - For novice players.

All Divisions are pool play with single elimination playoff.  

As always, Excell STORM takes care of our players with the help of Cora Health Services. We will have a trainer at this Greenville tournament for free services to keep our athletes in the game. Visit them by clicking on their image above.

Click on Volley America image about to be routed to the Volley America website where you can become a member. All players must be Volley America members. The cost is $15 and membership is valid for one year, with option to renew annually.

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