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2020 Summer Sand Training for Juniors Volleyball Players

WOW!! What an unusual few months we have had!!  Like you, we have a player under our roof that misses their friends, loves the sport of volleyball, wants to continue to improve their indoor volleyball game over the summer and have fun outdoors!  

This year's beach/sand teams look a lot different than last those from last year.  In an effort to keep our players safe, we have revised the way we will assist our players and their beach/sand volleyball training. 

We welcome you to the Junior Summer Sand Training page where we invite you read on to learn more about this program for the junior volleyball athlete.


For the past 5 years, Excell STORM Volleyball (Excell Sports, LLC) has run beach and grass tournaments up and down the East Coast (from Virginia Beach to Louisiana) with multiple stops in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island and to our East Coast hub - The Windjammer in Isle Of Palms, SC.  Not only have these past 5 years provided the foundation for new friendships, we have also been able to reconnect with adult sand players from our past ~ Sand/Beach players that we once trained with ~ and played with ~ on one of many Professional and Semi-Professional Volleyball Tours.  

As parents and lovers of beach/sand volleyball, we now have children of our own that have come to love the same sport.  Many of our friends are working to grow the beach/sand volleyball game in their local high schools.  Many are trying to grow the boy's side of the sport of volleyball.  Many of our friends are running weekend sand volleyball tournaments for the Junior age groups.  

When we evaluated the sand volleyball opportunities for the youth in our native town and Greenville, SC area, we identified a need: The need for a fun, different and challenging way to grow the player's volleyball skill level on a year round basis ~  in an outdoor atmosphere, all while combining current skill mastery with new training methods AND providing competitive tournament venues ...

In the summer of 2019, we introduced a new volleyball training concept to our area:  the launch of our Summer Sand Volleyball Training & Beach Travel Team program for Juniors.

This program is designed to elevate the player's indoor game and overall volleyball IQ by immersing them in the outdoor element of sand volleyball.  Players will learn how to better read their opponents, learn strategies for ball placement and court coverage, work on their endurance and overall volleyball game - all while receiving more individualized coaching (sand games consist of teams of two, not teams of 6+)  and training with their partner and Coach. 

Due to COVID-19, this year's version of sand/beach training looks different than in years past.  Please see below for details. 

The Benefits of Sand Training

Sand Volleyball Training is unlike any other volleyball training.  Whether or not you or your child plans to play sand doubles, sand training will help refine a player's skills at a much greater pace.  Sand training helps to develop the overall volleyball athlete and not just the positional player.  Players will learn and understand all aspects of the game, therefore increasing their volleyball IQ of the game.  Sand Volleyball trained athletes should expect to refine their muscle memory and explosion as well as visual stimulation that occurs with reading both hitters and servers.  This translates to the player’s indoor game by quickening their reaction times and a better understanding of hitter’s placements for increased defensive positioning.  Additionally, Sand Volleyball Training helps with the player’s agility, footwork, increases their vertical jump and refines the athlete’s ball control.

What to expect with the 2020 Sand Training Season

  • The Summer Sand Team Training fee is based on a single player.  
  • Practices will be two hours a day on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 - 11:00 AM (group 1) and 11:30 - 1:30 PM (group 2) for 6 weeks throughout the summer. 
  • Practices begin June 8, 2020 and are as follows: 
    • June 8, June 10
    • June 15 and June 17
    • June 22 and June 24
    • June 29 and July 1
    • NO PRACTICE July 6 and July 8 ~  (July 4th week)
    • July 13 and July 15
    • July 20 and July 22
  • Once all participants have registered, we will divide into age/skill level and you will be emailed about your player's time.
  • Owner/Director, Shane LeCroy and  Coach Silas Jenkins will be doing the sand training.
  • Sand Training will be at The Irish Pub at 214 North Plesantburg Drive Greenville, SC.

Safety Guidelines and Requirements

  • Each player must have an active USAV Membership
  • Each athlete must not have had or have been knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the past 30 days.  
  • Players should not participate if they are feeling ill or have signs of cough, cold, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms as defined by the CDC website.
  • Each athlete must consent to having there temperature checked upon entering the facility.
  • Players off of the court or not participating in the drill will stay 6 ft apart in an effort to promote social distancing.
  • Athletes will need to bring their own water bottle(s) as there is no water fountain.
  • Athletes will need to bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer and will be encouraged to use it often.
  • Parents are allowed at practice.  Please practice appropriate social distancing.  

**We reserve the right to deny players demonstrating signs and/or symptoms of cough, cold and/or allergies use of the facility or access to camp.

Junior Sand Training Fees

The fee for the 2020 Summer Sand Team Training is $399 per participant. 

Players must have a current USAV Membership.    (Membership proof is required.  For a USAV Camp Membership at a discounted rate, see link below.) 

Due to the quick turnaround of securing courts (during this unusual time in all of our lives) we will have to use email to submit registration forms and Venmo to pay as we don't have the luxury of the one week of turnaround time for Sport Engine to get us an online registration link.  (For those of you that do not have Venmo, we can accept a credit card payment but it will have a 3% fee as that is what we are charged for the processing.)

Practice Details

The practice schedule for the 2020 Junior Sand Team Training is as follows:

  • Practice will be on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Practice times will be 2 hours long for 2 days/week
  • Practices will begin on Monday, June 8th
  • Practices will be led by Owner, Shane LeCroy and Greer Varsity Volleyball  Coach Silas Jenkins.

Payment Details

Payment will be $399 per player.  Due to the quick turn around time for securing courts, we ask that payment be sent via Venmo as we do not have the time to request an actual registration link thru Sport Engine.  You will need to submit the COVID-19 questionnaire  and Sand Waiver before submitting Venmo payment. If you have submitted the questionnaire for the recent indoor camp and/or grass volleyball leagues that takes place in June/July you do not need to resend questionnaire - you will, however, need to send in the Sand Training waiver. 

Payment received without waivers, does not guarantee your athlete's spot.  

Waivers are posted below. Please email them to

Summer Sand Training participants will need to have a USAV membership to participate in training. Select this link to obtain a new USAV Membeship. Select "Camp Membership" for the discounted rate of $5 (total fee) for the camp membership.

Link for those needing a USAV Membership for Sand Volleyball Training with Excell Sports.

If you do not have a current USAV Membership, use this link to obtain your Sand Camp USAV Membership for $5.00